V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass

$150.00 $75.00

Get 50% off Vcard that lets you skip lines and gain free entry into top Vegas Nightspots. Normally $150 you will save $75 per person to get this ticket to savings.


Product Description

Skip lines and gain entry to over 50 top Las Vegas night clubs, day clubs, and lounges! Eliminate the long lines and cover charges (normally $30-40 per club) by taking advantage of all that the V Card has to offer! Made possible due to our established relationships with Vegas’ most respected venues, we ensure that there is no interference when it comes to your partying. Don’t gamble with your social life, but if you do – put it all on black.


Looking to have a lot of fun in Vegas but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to do it? Do you want to experience the very best that Las Vegas has to offer all for one low price? Then look no further than the V Card. It gives you unprecedented access to the hottest nightlife spots, pool clubs, strip clubs, and bars in town all for one low price. No need to worry about long lines or cover charges, you get VIP access any time you use your V Card. The best part is, the card never expires! You can use it any time you are in Vegas for the ultimate nightlife experience!



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